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We are digitally transforming major refineries, global terminal operations, and chemical manufacturing sites in weeks.

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Drawing Platform

Make your drawings intelligent, skip the re-drafting. The Intelligent Drawing Platform processes your plant drawings and makes them intelligent and accessible in a matter of seconds. Immediately users are able to search for any tag name across the drawing set.
Dive deeper into the intelligence by surfacing, contextualizing, and visualizing data on the plant drawings.
Connect external applications and data to effect actionable insights and augment situational awareness for your plant activities.

Mechanical Integrity


Manage your assets on a time-basis or have a fully integrated Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) with an API 581 Risk Assessment tool. The Mechanical Integrity (MI) Suite has the flexibility to keep your process facility in regulatory compliance.

Pipeline Conformance


The Pipeline Conformance Solution provides numerous benefits such as cost savings, improved project efficiencies, and streamlined work processes.

Real-time data provides a 360 degree view into the operations of your business. The scope of analytics goes far beyond basic reporting and allows for real -time analysis of your pipeline construction and maintenance programs.

3D Facility


3D Facility Scanning is a revolutionary technology that allows you to capture the full scope of your plant in one fell swoop. With 3D scanning, you can get a complete picture of what is inside your facility—and it’s fast! 

Data Consulting


VisualAIM offers specialized Data Consulting services to help the Brownfield in every step of the digital transformation journey.