VisualAIM’s tools provide the necessary functionality to better streamline design, development and delivery of intelligent plants.

In this era of digital transformation, VisualAIM serves to guide new plants and modernize Brownfield facilities quickly and effectively through its intelligization tools.

Intelligent Drawing Platform

Mechanical Integrity Suite

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Asset Register

Extract equipment inventories from your P&IDs to verify coverage of your mechanical integrity program. The IDP classifies all the symbols contained on the drawings to understand the location and data related to each asset (valve, vessel, instrument, relief valve, pump, etc) allowing the platform to export an inventory representative of all assets across 100 or 10,000 drawings. As one of the IDP’s first use cases, a chemical manufacturer in Texas utilized the asset register to perform a gap analysis between the equipment list extracted from their 400 P&IDs and the facility’s mechanical integrity software asset register. The discovery was that 40% of the pipe tag names present on the drawings were not being managed in their mechanical integrity system. With this information the site was able to consolidate the asset registers and re-attain compliance with regulatory requirements.


Use the platform as your central hub for creating and tracking drawing redlines to keep your drawings up to date. The IDP has a redline feature that allows users (maintenance, inspection, and operations personnel) to reflect changes they see in the field directly on the intelligent drawings through a tablet while performing their day-to-day activities. The redlines performed on the drawings understand the specific assets and components effected. This allows users to describe changes to specific components on the drawing. The redlining tool also enables 80% of drawing changes (text changes, symbol additions, flow direction corrections, etc) to be executed directly through the tablet and re-exported into the master CAD file. The redlines are then reviewed and follow the owner operator’s management of change process (MOC) to update the master CAD file. The IDP reads the latest version of the file and synchronizes it into the platform, keeping drawings continuously as-built.

Predictive Analytics

Accurately align your process data with equipment variables to accelerate your implementation of predictive analytics.  Our customer was facing the challenge of aligning data tags of process variables (pressure, temperature, flow, etc) with equipment variables (e.g. discharge pressure for a pump or inlet temperature for a heat exchanger) across 5,100 P&IDs.  Upon intelligizing the drawings, the IDP’s Hierarchy tool was utilized to effectively align the instrument data with the asset variables and deliver the project in 8 weeks instead of the originally expected 130 weeks through manual methods.  High IP drawing selections were executed by the customer by training their technical services team on how to use the IDP in a matter of minutes.

Process Mapping

Visualize process lines across multiple P&IDs in a single view to improve operations and maintenance activities.  The Process Mapping feature of the IDP allows users to define process lines from their origin to their destination. This, in turn, allows the platform to map a process line that flows across multiple drawings to be visualized in a single view.  A Global Terminal Operator utilizes this feature to visualize their fluid transfer processes across multiple drawings to visually ensure operators open or close the appropriate valves in the alignment process prior to commencement of the transfer. This greatly mitigates the probability of product contamination or spillage due to manual operation.

Situational Risk Awareness

Colorize your drawings so that each asset reflects its current risk level in real time based on your RBI (Risk Based Inspection) analysis results. Through connectivity to other applications, the intelligized drawings can visualize, surface, and contextualize data for quick decision making. In the example shown, a customer’s RBI solution was connected with the intelligent drawings, allowing maintenance personnel to view the risk level of any asset on the drawings by colorizing them in accordance to their latest analysis result. This allows the turnaround planning team to prioritize inspections and focus resources on high-risk equipment in an effective manner.

Mechanical Integrity

Keep an online record of your piping circuit definitions and colorize their thickness monitoring locations on isometrics to reflect renaming life. VisualAIM’s Mechanical Integrity (MI) Suite is a platform for inspection management of fixed equipment. It is equipped with an API 581 compliant risk engine, time based inspection planning strategies, and inspection data management system, and a file repository for equipment documentation. The existent API integration between the MI Suite and the IDP allows VisualAIM customers to manage inspections more effectively by visualizing mechanical integrity data through the intelligent drawings and executing inspections through field tablets that synchronize back to the platform.